Friday, September 12, 2008

On Social Issues, Not So Bad

I just saw a clip from ABC's interview with Palin regarding social issues. Definitely her strongest segment... she actually came across as very real and likable and non-judgemental. On this one topic (if this is the real Sarah Palin, it's hard to say given her previous positions and behaviors), I thought she did very well. She sounded like any of my friends or neighbors sound.... "I have my opinion but I still respect your opinion." (paraphrasing)

Unfortunately, her little victory here does not resolve the fact that she LIES without conscience, accepts credit where she doesn't deserve it, is woefully uninformed for a governor (much less a vp or prez), and exhibits some downright Cheney-esque tendencies regarding secrecy and abuse of power.

Oh yeah, and I still don't forgive her for the attempted book banning / librarian firing episode. There is no other way to paint that situation... if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck you can be pretty damn certain it's a duck.


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