Thursday, September 11, 2008

One Last Thought Before Bed

It will be interesting to see how everyone receives Ms Mooseburger's ABC interview. I think the bar was set so low she could have tripped over it walking in the door and everyone would have been happy. From the excerpts I've read, though, it looks like she was pretty much out of her league.

Even more than her Russian war response (not enough coaching, rookie mistake?) the Bush Doctrine question just floors me. Anyone who has watched televised news, read a newspaper, or linked to a blog anytime in 2003-2004 should know what that means. It was debated and dissected and discussed a million times. She didn't need to know the precise definition to answer that question... most people would probably be able to get it somewhere in the ballpark if they were even remotely paying attention during the run up to the Iraq war. And if she wasn't paying attention to the run up of THE WAR, then what the hell is she doing on this ticket?

Isn't there a minimum requirement for this job or something?

Obama, on the other hand, during the Service forum at Columbia, almost put me to sleep. I'm not entirely sure what he said, for some reason it sounded flat and uninteresting. I did snap out of it briefly when he mentioned that all colleges should allow military recruiters on campus (and I agree with that for COLLEGE, not high school) and then I got snoozy again. My bad.


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