Thursday, September 11, 2008

DarStar On 9/11

A special 9/11 remembrance from my Grrrrl Genius friend, DarStar.
Seven years, time is so intangible, so long ago and also just like yesterday. The page, the bridge call, hearing a plane hit the building, thinking it was a small private plane…turning on CNN and finding out it was a jet. Messaging with my husband, now gone, who was in his office. The second plane hitting… Giving him updates… Talking to Mike from ops, just spoke to him again last week, hearing him say they were told to evacuate 5 WT. The Pentagon… the field in PA… the buildings falling… Staying on the call all day… Saying a silent thank you for each voice I heard join the call from NY (even the ones that were usually a pain) Hearing Pat L., now gone, from somewhere telling us she was going to try to make it to the DR site... waiting hours until hearing her voice again. I remember being on the bridge call on the 17th when the market’s opening bell rang … we go forward, but we are changed forever.
Thanks for sharing, GG... I love you!!!


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