Friday, September 12, 2008

The Victim

McCain has yet ANOTHER ad out today that portrays Sarah Palin as a victim. The new ad is here, the ad from Wednesday is here (both of them contain blatant and therefore outrageous lies but I don't know what else to say about that fact other than what I've already said).

Why is it okay for Palin to viciously attack her opponents but when they attempt to call her out, suddenly she's a victim?

Why would anyone want to see a potential (and statistically probable, given McCain's age) president portrayed as a victim in a glossy campaign ad?

What is "feminist" about a woman running on the ticket for the most powerful office in the world if she keeps insisting that she must be treated differently than a male candidate would be? The idea that she must be protected from scrutiny and rebuttals and counter attacks is just pathetic.... it's a slap in the face to those women who didn't demand special treatment but instead got tougher and worked harder to compete on male turf. In my opinion as a woman, it brings shame to those women who paved the way for Sarah Palin to be where she is today. It's a disgrace.

In the end, as with everything I find disgusting about this election, I blame the voters for buying this shit at least as much as I blame the McCain campaign for putting it out there and the media for peddling it.

And if the media cows to McCain's fantasy of making them look biased for simply reporting the FACTUAL bullshit, then we are all doomed.


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