Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Defectives

There are those among us who were born without a functional empathy chip. This chip is what allows the rest of us to relate to the experience of others without necessarily having to endure the same experience. We can visualize and understand in the abstract what others are going through without having to actually go through it ourselves. It opens our minds to ideas and concepts we'd never consider on our own.

The empathy defectives tend toward smug. I can spot them a million miles away. Their world is limited to their direct experience with it; their perspective is myopic. Most importantly, they don't see anyone else's experience as valid until the very moment it becomes their own.

Glenn Beck, uber-conservative TV and radio host, has apparently had such a moment.

I saw this link via Drudge, where Glenn, from his sickbed, seems to have concluded that no matter how much money he has accumulated, no matter how much private insurance he carries, health care in this country is FUBAR'd and he's been personally affected by it.

Compare and contrast with this clip from his show six months ago:

It's an epiphany!

We here at Think, Dammit! aren't total dogs, though... we do wish him good health and a speedy recovery.


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