Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa Day (Final)

With 95% of the results in...

Obama -- 38%
Edwards -- 30%
Clinton -- 29%

Huckabee -- 34%
Romney -- 25%
Thomspon -- 14%

Looks like I didn't do so well in my predictions but, still... I got the one that counted. :-)

A few points:
  • Juan Williams and Bill Kristol rightly point out that Obama took a state that is 95% white. So there, MSNBC talking heads!
  • I can't wait to see the voter turnout numbers... rumor has it Dem numbers were up 20% over 2004 and outshowed Repubs 2-1. Lots of newbies to the caucus. And I heard there was a huge turnout for ages 18-30. Looks like the next generation is politically engaged. Fucking A!!!!
  • I am proud of the Iowa Dems for selecting a candidate that insisted on taking the higher road regarding pandering for votes among the base (he didn't) and negative campaigning (he didn't). A candidate for the non-sheeple.
  • Huckabee. Hmmm. As far as evangelicals go, I suppose he seems fairly likable. And it'll be fun to watch Fred Barnes's head explode.
On to New Hampshire!

UPDATE: Some turnout numbers from Townhall...

Projections showed a turnout of 220,588 for Democrats, compared to 124,000 who participated in 2004. Most projections had estimated turnout would be about 150,000.

Turnout was also up on the Republican side, where projections showed about 114,000 people taking part.

The last contested Republican caucuses in 2000 drew 87,666 in caucuses won by then-Gov. George W. Bush.


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