Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa Day

It's surreal to hear the talking heads on MSNBC fretting over how Iowa voters might behave. Will they really support a woman? Will they really support a black man? I suppose it's an interesting discussion to kill air time until the caucus results are in.

Speaking for myself, the fact that Hillary is a woman is such a non-factor that I didn't even consider having a Helen Reddy "I Am Woman" moment and supporting her. Nor did I consider not voting for her based on gender.

I also think you'd really have to stretch things to take issue with Obama's blackness. Even black people don't think Obama is black -- except for the brownish pigment of his skin, he seems as "white" as Huckabee. I suppose older Americans (those having lived through the national trauma of desegregation) might not be able to get past his skin color but it's hardly like he's represent'n, yo.

Anyway, I doubt my kids' generation will be listening to that kind of busybody chatter when they rule the world.


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