Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Iowa Eve

Very exciting times for those of us who have been following this presidential election since the last presidential election. It's the 2008 election kickoff!

Obviously I'm anxious to see how my favorite candidate (Obama!) fares but let's face it... a Styrofoam cup would be an improvement over the Bush Triumvirate.

As I dream of our future state on this Iowa Eve, I am hopeful. Even the worst thing that could happen among Dems in this election is not the worst ever (no matter how much I rag on Hillary, she's not Bush). Yes, this is just the first of many state races but Iowa does offer a certain momentum. I will try to be patient.

Since the Repubs are having a hard time getting support for their slate of candidates (the angst on Redstate is pretty humorous these days), I'm starting to relax a little. Obviously I'd be happy with a McCain victory since I favor McCain. A Huckabee win would be a laugh riot as the old school 'Pubbies try to figure out what to do with a tax-and-spend Evangelical. Faux News still has its heart set on the flailing Giuliani... corrupt machine politics being their forte, I guess. Romney might be a good bet if he's managed to contort himself artfully enough: "Look, I'm a religious dude!" "Don't worry, I'm not a crazy religious dude! "I'm a real conservative!" "But I'm a really moderate conservative!"

So does anyone care to guess what tomorrow will bring? Here's mine, a bit uneducated:

Obama, Clinton, Edwards (in that order)... and... Huckabee, Romney, McCain (in that order).


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