Saturday, December 29, 2007

Um... No

Peggy Noonan says Hillary is "the most dramatically polarizing, the most instinctively distrusted, political figure" of her lifetime.

Sorry, Chickie-poo -- wrong answer. And I'm saying that as a person who can't stand Hillary.

The most polarizing, instinctively distrusted political figure of your lifetime would be Bush the Lesser, and every poll taken since the fervent glow of 9/11-trauma induced patriotism began to fade validates that statement.

There is a core contingent of Republicans who would love Bush even if he ate Snowflake Babies and made Snowflake Baby stock from their carcasses (about 30%). Except for the 25 or so people who remain ambivalent, most of the country can't stand him.

Besides, Billy Bob Clinton would arguably out-polarize Hillary by most everyone's recollection. Still, he was mostly well liked... Clinton's approval ratings averaged favorable by 2-1 (including Fox's results), continuing to show considerable cross-party appeal even after Monica Lewinsky creatively smoked his cigar.

In all, I have to say that I find Peggy Noonan's campaign for "a reasonable person for President" about as credible as claiming Adolf Hitler was a champion of diversity.

UPDATE: Apparently I'm not the only one who questions Peggy Noonan's reasoning and credibility. Glenn Greenwald takes issue with her characterization of Edwards's poofery here, while Sadly, No! makes us laugh at Noonan's previous Bush fluffing by citing a 2004 column where Noonan does her best to single handedly dumb down America. From Peggy's brain to our eyes:
The American people arguably did not pick the more interesting man in the race. Mr. Kerry strikes me as a complicated and intelligent person, and the one time I spent any time with him he seemed to be bright, and to have an interesting range of thoughts on many issues. Mr. Bush, on the other hand, does not strike me as the most interesting man in the world. That’s one of the things I love about him. I sort of have a theory that Americans don’t necessarily desire terribly interesting men as presidents. “Interesting” tends to bring with it a whole bunch of other attributes–”complicated,” “hard to figure,” “unknowable,” “startling,” even sometimes “tortured and tragic.” A lot of us are Republicans, and we just hate tortured and tragic. […]


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