Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Kirsten!


My beautiful eldest daughter turned 19 today. In the grand tradition of our family matriarch I will comment thus: Nineteen years ago tonight, at 8:58 p.m., I saw my Kirsten's face for the first time and fell completely, unconditionally in love. Her only flaw was her stubborn resistance to being born... two weeks past due, induction required, and then fifteen hours of intense labor. Fortunately she was cute as hell or else I might have hung on to my resentment for a bit longer.

I won't go into the medical details but Mom taking me (10 months pregnant and waddling like a duck) to the drugstore to pick up a diaphragm prescription the night before she was born is, like, the funniest story ever.

Kirst came down from Madison today and we all went to dinner at Shogun for sushi (and, for two of us, saki). It's our birthday tradition to reserve one of the private little side rooms with a sunken table... always fun.

The really fabulous sad news of the evening, though, is that she and her boyfriend broke up. Kirsten told us that, to mark the occasion, she and one of her roommates tossed all bf related photos (and an old t-shirt) into a homeless man's garbage can fire. The homeless man, thinking they were concerned for his warmth, thanked them for their contribution. Win-win!

From tonight:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From "the Matriarch": Some stories are simply worth repeating, again and again and again! They are good for (1) the soul; (2) the heart; and (3) embarrassing your kids year after year while adeptly replanting the perverbial guilt trip (3 days of hard labor not to mention all of the sacrifices I have made for you!!)

Only joking about that, of course. I do remember that extremely frigid night-- the look on the drugist's face when you handed him the script was a real hoot! Love you (and miss you)

PS: Glad what's his name's pictures were put to good use:) xoxoxo

3:46 PM, January 14, 2008  
Blogger Logic101 said...

Hi Mom,
You won't believe this. Kirst was complaining about her throat yesterday when she got here and this morning it was really bad so I took her to the doctor... she has quinsy, of all things.

What is up with my kids getting old fashioned diseases? Remember when Ryan had scarlet fever a few years back? It's like being trapped in a medical episode of Little House on the Prairie or something. Maybe next week Kaitlyn will come down with the consumption.

Anyway, she's resting comfortably tonight (on vicodin) but she may have to have it aspirated tomorrow. Yikes!

Will let you know how she's doing manana.


6:34 PM, January 14, 2008  

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