Monday, November 26, 2007

New Years Resolution #1

I just thought of my first New Year's resolution for 2008: I am going to buy a compact digital camera and keep it with me at all times -- and -- use it. It will be off limits to kids.

We've had a horrible year for pictures. You may notice that most of the family pics on my blog are grainy... this is due to our habit of using cell phones as cameras. We do have a regular sized digital camera but there have been issues. The kids run off with it and then I can't find it when I want it. Or they erase pictures before I can download them.

The most heartbreaking loss was Kirsten's prom pictures. Mere hours after I painstakingly took dozens of shots of the beautiful Kirsten (before her date arrived - yuck), Ryan decided to make room on the camera so he could take a few pics of himself by hitting "delete all." Everything -- gone.

All that I had left to mark the occasion was the official "couple" portrait that was taken at the dance. I have finally scanned it to my laptop so I can show her off (with one little fix):

Which seemed like a better alternative than this:


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