Friday, January 11, 2008


Am I the only one who gets annoyed when Drudge posts about some crazy cold spell somewhere and then right next to it immediately links to a global warming article with some kind of headline in 'quotes'? It's become an internet constant.

We get it, you clever, clever man... there can't be global warming if some places are still getting cold. It's all a Democratic ruse!

Nevermind that the effect of global warming is really about weather extremes and changes in precipitation patterns, and not, as a six year old might understand it, about making every place on earth really, really hot.

Global warming is a real phenomenon and it's supported by actual, factual data. It's the nature of global warming that's up for debate. Is it part of a natural cycle? Is it man made? Will it have a significant impact? Can we affect that impact?

I can understand why, given the known facts, people would choose to take action instead of opting for inaction. Wouldn't it suck to realize after it's too late that we've allowed a disaster we could have prevented? After analyzing probability and impact, this could be one of those times when inaction is the wrong way to go.

What I don't understand is why Republicans are so intent on making global warming a political issue. What's the point of that? As with all things Republican, it's probably about the money. After all, energy is the only booming industry we have left.


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