Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bush's Amazing Superpowers

If Bush can bring peace to Israel and Palestine -- something a string of well intentioned US presidents have tried, in vain, to do -- he may yet redeem his otherwise spectacularly failed presidency.
President Bush on Thursday predicted that a Mideast peace treaty would be completed by the time he leaves office, and named a U.S. Air Force general to oversee compliance with a U.S.-backed peace plan.

Bush said he's convinced that both Israeli and Palestinian leaders understand "the importance of democratic states living side by side" in peace, and noted that he has a one-year deadline for progress on his watch.
Fortunately Bush has super superpower powers that enable him to see things that are not clearly visible to the rest of us. Like Putin's soul, and the hearts and minds of Iraqis.

I'm sure it will be a cakewalk.


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