Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Day After

I've recovered. A few thoughts:
  • It didn't really occur to me that people would find Obama shallow because he's chosen to focus on change at the primary season kickoff. I've been linking to Obama's position papers for over a year... he has taken strong positions (Google is your friend). For another thing, after the first few snooze-fest debate performances where he was painfully wonky and professorly, I kept wondering when he was going to start showing off some of his oratorical skill. It's an incredible strength and he should use it.
  • It doesn't matter how strong Hillary is on the issues if she can't build a working coalition to get stuff done. Being POTUS is not like being dictator. Is the Hillabeast really capable of forming a productive working relationship with those with whom she already shares a well established adversarial relationship? I don't see how.
  • To my lefty, Bush hating, revenge minded friends: Me too! I've dreamed of sticking it right back at the 'Pubbies for the next eight years... derisively, mockingly, blatantly. Our turn to have a president who only speaks to half of the country (our half, of course). Who better for that than Hillary? I've also thought about how sweet it would be to have a Democratic president use all of that brand new executive power Bush discovered. In my gut, though, I fear this country has some dark days ahead... and I'm ready to put pettiness aside for the sake of getting us the hell through it.
  • Enough with talking about the Hillabeast crying. It was not calculated. She was exhausted and she had a moment. I, for one, have had many such moments. In fact, I've had several this week.
  • Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton. We're Americans... we don't do dynasties. What in the hell is wrong with people????
  • Still, this is very good news: The Dems drew 270K votes in NH last night and the Repubs drew 210K... record voter turnout.


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