Friday, January 11, 2008

Cat And Mouse

Our beloved hamster, Payton, died last summer, and over the past few months my son has been pestering us for a new critter. After much deliberation and a few visits to the pet store, he decided on a mouse. Since mice are said to be social critters by nature, we bought two... now named Rose and Lilly. Rose was named for her reddish-pink eyes (only a ten year old boy could look into the beady eyes of a mouse and find them so beautiful as to decide they're rose-like). Lilly, as it turns out, isn't very social.

The three cats have all had varying reactions to their new housemates. Maverick (or Princess Girl Kitty, as we've taken to calling her), finds the mice beneath her contempt and ignores them completely. Rambler (aka Bubba) studies their cage with gentle interest but lacks the motivation for a more personal relationship. Scooter, on the other hand, thinks he's got new friends.

Agile Scooter has taken to jumping atop the bookcase where the cage is located. At first he was content to merely lie on the cage with a birds eye view of mouse activities. Eventually, though, he discovered an engineering flaw in the cage whereby he could knock a component of the lid loose, thus freeing the inmates.

The first time he did this we found Rose wandering down the hallway with Scooter ambling behind her. Not realizing it was Scooter who enabled the escape, I put a heavy book on the lid.

The second time he did this, I found Rose darting between the articles of clothing Ryan left scattered on his bedroom floor. Scooter was watching her intently from Ryan's bed. With the heavy book now beside the cage, I was beginning to suspect a connection.

This morning I woke up to mouse squeaks. Upon investigation, I found Scooter lying on his side, lazily dangling his paw over the terrified mouse he had trapped in a corner of my office.

I think I've finally resolved the problem with duct tape which, as everyone knows, can be used to resolve all manner of household problems. Rose is safely back with Lilly, and Scooter, who doesn't yet understand that I'm on to his little scheme, is asleep on my bed... probably dreaming of his next play date.


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