Saturday, December 08, 2007

Listen Up, Virgies

I've got super fabulous news for you, my Virgo kittens. Jupiter, planet of expansion and good fortune, lands in our 5th House of pleasure on December 18th and is set to stay for almost 13 months. This transit only happens every 12 years or so and it couldn't have come at a better time.

It happened last in 1996 and the time before that was 1984-1985. By no coincidence, these happen to be two of the most joyous years of my life. And by joyous I mean flat-out, ridiculously fun. It's a little different for everyone but the theme should generally be the same for you. Let me tell you about my experience with this transit and see if it rings any bells for you in yours.

I was the most tragic geek, ever, in the history of Eisenhower Middle School. That's a role you just don't grow out of overnight so it's not like I made a big splash when I started high school. I was clique-less in sea of cliques. I had two friends. And even if my parents had allowed me to date before I was 16 there wouldn't have been any takers. Suffice to say, my freshman and sophomore years sucked profusely.

All of that changed dramatically mid- junior year when Jupiter hit the 5th (I was a late bloomer). My two friends and I joined forces with a fun group of girls and we became our own clique. Boys noticed me. I got a job and generated some income to fund fun. After that it was a cascade of parties and social outings and lots of dates and the period ended with an amazing trip to Daytona Beach for spring break. Jupiter moved on and I met my first husband a few weeks later, attracted by his tan, muscular legs like a moth to a flame. Things settled down immediately after that -- I went to community college while my friends headed out of town, I worked, I dated my future husband exclusively. Blah.

TIP: Great legs do not contribute much to an enduring relationship.

Best. Year. Ever.

My first marriage finally ended -- hideously -- in March of 1995. It was a trailer park triumph of police interventions, car chases, and restraining orders. (Do you see why I take such pride in the distance between there and here?) Of course the immediately ensuing relationship was destined to be the disaster it was and by August I was settled down, vowing to straighten out my life, grow a spine, get some direction, and start making good choices. I met Jeff that December 30th (two days before Jupiter hit the 5th) and summarily dismissed him for being too young. On January 5th, 5 days into the transit, he convinced me to take him seriously.

Almost everything about that year was pure fun. Things settled down with my ex and the girls and I developed a very pleasant routine. I was independent for the first time in my life and reveling in it. I was making my first solid career accomplishments. My friends from work and I had a blast, while Jeff's very socially active group of friends adopted me in. My relationship with Jeff was light and easy and fun from the start... no drama, no angst. It was one effortless good time after another. There was always something fun happening somewhere.

I got married again under those stars on December 19th of that year, in Vegas, with a string of freakish fun and good luck that I'll save for another story. Vegas was Jupiter's last great gift before moving on in January. After that I was morning sick (did I mention that Jupiter in the 5th brings babies?). Life got a little more stressful and complicated in 1997 but I was wholly rejuvenated from a year's worth of festivity.

And so it is that I am looking forward to some serious fun in the upcoming year. The stage seems set for it with my hellish career existence finally resolved and with Kirsten establishing herself as a bright, independent young woman. KK and Ry have also reached an age where they're requiring a lighter parental hand.

After 12 years of Jupiter gracing everyone else's 5th house, Virgies, he's come back to us!


Blogger Bobbie said...

Here's to hoping!!!

9:57 AM, December 09, 2007  
Blogger Logic101 said...

Hang in there, my little chiquita banana. We're due for a little lightness of being.

10:05 AM, December 09, 2007  

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