Friday, December 07, 2007

Blog Traffic

This blog doesn't aspire to be big and famous, nor does it apply any blog whoring techniques to try to become so. I rather enjoy my relative anonymity in this very public space, and Think, Dammit! is about as ordinary a blog as you'll find among the 70 million now comprising the blogosphere. Still, I get about 200 hits a week or so (it fluctuates) from regular readers, occasional readers, and one-time passersby.

The most popular Think, Dammit! post via Google searches is this one from people using the search phrase "if a tree falls in a forest" or something similar. I've probably gotten one or two hits a week from that one alone since I posted it back in January. Pretty funny!

Second most popular post: This one I did about plastic surgery a few weeks ago, which apparently picked up somewhere and linked to (thanks, celebrityfox!).


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