Sunday, December 02, 2007

Girlie Stuff

(Sorry guys, not that kind of girlie stuff. Feel free to skip this post in favor of more something more testosteronely, like here. -- Editor)

My recent skincare discovery...
For most of my life I've paid absolutely zero attention to my skin. For example, I once went to a Mary Kay Cosmetics party where the seller of skin care products asked, "What do you use to take off your makeup at night?" Without even thinking about it, I said "My pillow." Everyone laughed because they thought I was making a joke... had they known it was the truth I'm sure there would have been horrified facial elitist gasps around the room.

Around age 37 I became vaguely aware that I could not evade the effects of time forever so I bought an expensive daily moisturizer from a department store counter and mostly remembered to wear it.

When I hit 40 I became acutely aware that I could not evade the effects of time forever so I began frantically searching for magical potions to ward off wrinkles and spots and other proof that I am prone to acting way too young for my age. I would be embarrassed to tell you what I've spent on expensive products from Clinique, Lancome, Clarins, Estee Lauder, etc. What I will tell you is that I've concluded they're all the same goo packaged in different jars and tubes... kind of like how all Taco Bell items are the same 4 ingredients arranged differently in a wrapper.

Unwilling to make any more trips to the mall for the latest wonder goo, I set about researching products on the internet. My findings? Oil of Olay, used by my mother back when I was a kid, available even at the grocery store, is the best stuff on the market. They've come a long way from the simple creamy stuff of my youth, though. Their new products have a little chemistry behind them.

The Olay Regenerist line is the one I like the best and (I think) my skin looks better than it has in years. There are a ton of products in this line and if I could figure out how to fit them all into a single skin care regimen I would buy every single last one of them. As it is, I highly recommend the Daily Regenerating Serum, the Regenerist Night Recovery Moisturizing Treatment, and the Regenerist Microdermabrasion and Peel System. I wish I had discovered this stuff when I was in my 30's.

My recent hair color discovery...
I have a few gray hairs coming in at the temples that do nothing to make me look like wise or distinguished. These little suckers were getting covered up automagically when I was highlighting my hair to a lighter caramel-imbued brunette. Now that I've reverted to my natural dark color, though, they stand out in a very annoying way when I tie my hair back. Last week I decided to do something about it so I picked up some Loreal Excellence Creme in #4 Dark Brown.

Now, I am very skittish about hair color since twice I've had colorists at fancypantsy spas insist on lowlighting my highlights with a blackish color, making me look like a cross between Johnny Cash and Cruella de Vil (I have dark hair but it's not anywhere near black -- what the hell?). Somehow little novice haircolorist me managed to find a $6 color product from Loreal that matched perfectly, allowing me to just paint a little color on my temples and be done with it in 30 minutes. What a great product... highly recommended.

My recent makeup discovery...
I am not really girlie enough to do makeup as well as some of my gorgeous friends (and you know who you are! xoxoxoxox). Every once in a while I get inspired to give myself a makeover but usually decide I look too painted and take it off. Last month, however, I took advantage of one of those "special offers" Estee Lauder does to push their perfume and "gifted myself" with one of their makeup kits. This stuff is really really nice. The colors are subtle and the powders blend perfectly and the brushes are designed for precision. Plus -- and this is sad, I know -- it comes with a little guide that tells you which color combinations work best for an even more naturally beautiful you. Love.It.

My mid-life crisis transformation continues. :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find your site to be very misleading. Not only was the Girlie Stuff post a total Google fake-out, but I followed your MyDD link thinking I'd get....well you know, and lo and behold its some more political mumbo jumbo. Does the FTC know how you are misleading the public?

4:15 PM, December 02, 2007  
Blogger Logic101 said...

Yes, that is absolutely my intent... to lure porn seeking men to my site and then force them to read about facial creams and makeup and politics.

You found me out!

5:37 PM, December 02, 2007  

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