Saturday, December 08, 2007

Dramz At Mom's

Normally this spot would be reserved for Friday pool blogging but we had a little drama last night. My car, Maximus, ruptured his battery while we were over at Mom's for the weekend kickoff. We discovered it after our lovely visit with Mom and Brendan, when it was time to head out to Rascals and Maximus just sat there, motionless, like a big black driveway ornament.

This wouldn't have been such a pain if we hadn't parked ahead of the crook of the curve in the driveway, in the center, effectively boxing in Mom's and Brendan's cars while leaving us stuck in a narrow alley of snow that couldn't be navigated without functional power steering.

A friend of ours was in town to fix his dad's water heater and we were supposed to meet up at Rascals afterward for drinks. As luck would have it, he was also having a craptacular evening . When we called him to let him know our situation he was still at Wal-mart with Pops, cruising for parts. He offered to pick up a battery while he was there... we took him up on it... he brought it over... and then he and Jeff did the swap in the freezing cold by candlelight (thanks Brend!).

Somewhere during the time that Max was inoperative we got a call from the kids notifying us that one of the Christmas tree lights "blew" and that the tree "went dark" and that the plug "was hot". *sigh

So the net is: No Friday night pool, Max is running fine, the ancient big bulbed Christmas tree lights I love must be replaced with LED lights (we found a really big tree this year, maybe 5 strings was one string too many), and we will spend today un-decorating and re-decorating our 8 foot tree.

For whatever the drama, we got lucky on the whole "Miller just happened to be in town at Wal-mart" thing. And I'm damn grateful we were comfy at Mom's when the battery died, with a big fire in the fireplace and a well stocked happy fridge instead of finding the car dead at midnight at Rascals. I'm also thankful that the kids were in the family room when the light blew and had the good sense to immediately unplug the string.

Hopefully our little electrical issues are over!


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