Thursday, June 11, 2009

Short Term Memory

David Letterman's jokes about Sarah Palin's daughter on The Tonight Show were stupid and distasteful. Some things about Palin as a public persona have been unintentionally funny and easy to mock but mocking her children is simply inappropriate.

That said, all of the fauxtrage about how "nobody would dare make fun of a Democrat's child" just proves that folks have a serious case of short term memory... am I the only one who remembers the non-stop jokes about Chelsea Clinton's physical appearance? "Ugly Chelsea" jokes flowed freely during the Clinton years, not only from comedians but also from people like John McCain. Even The Boston Globe had a humorous article on whether her hair could be fixed.

I like to think she got the last laugh, however, as she certainly seems to have grown into a striking and intelligent young woman.


Blogger Therese said...

and let us not forget the
Amy Carter comments .....

10:56 AM, July 04, 2009  

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