Monday, June 01, 2009

Who Coulda Seen This Coming?

When you incite the crazies, the crazies feel compelled to act.

And yes, Republicans, it IS TOO your clan who always goes nuts. From Eric Rudolph to Timothy McVeigh to any number of active militias waiting for a reason to pull the trigger, you own domestic terrorism. Code Pink and PETA don't hold a candle to the crazies on your side of the fence. These are your people, responding to your hyperventilating, incendiary, factually challenged, intentionally sensational bullshit. So from now on, please spare me the fauxtrage over legitimate reports on right-wing extremism.


Do you hear me Glenn Beck? Do you hear me Pat Buchanan?

P.S. Regarding Tiller, there are sad and tragic reasons to perform late term abortions... and thankfully they're rare enough to have made Tiller one of the few in the country needed to provide them. As if it's not heart wrenching enough to find yourself in that situation, to have a bloviating idiot like Bill "loofa" O'Reilly misrepresent the facts to play for ratings (e.g. money) is just disgusting. It reminds me why I've completely detached from those people and their twisted beliefs.


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