Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sotomayor Nomination

The three most interesting things surrounding the Sotomayor nomination:

1. The irrational fear white people have that minorities are out to get them. White men seem to carry this fear the furthest, which I suppose makes sense since as a group they have the most to lose. Whatever -- I find the egomaniacal paranoia quite disturbing. Is it such a crazy thing to want a SCOTUS that even remotely reflects the population of the country it serves? I've always found it odd that women make up more than 50% of the population yet we can only find one qualified woman (and briefly, two) to serve on the court? Perspective matters... and anyone who suggests that those seven white men aren't bringing perspective to the bench with them are liars.

By the way, are we really supposed to feel sorry for the seven white male justices because their numbers have dwindled from nine? Awww... poor fellas!


2. The grotesque (and grotesquely transparent) attack on Sotomayor's "intelligence" and "temperament". I guess we're all supposed to find that more acceptable than coming right out and calling her a dumb bitch. Sotomayor graduated from Princeton summa cum laude and went to law school at Yale, where she edited the Yale Law Journal. She was an assistant DA, was in private practice, and was nominated to the US District Court by Bush the Senior. Yeah, I mean c'mon... what a moron!

It's always been the case in this country that those who rest on their legacy lifestyles insist on a meritocracy for everyone else. In Sotomayor we have an indisputably meritocritous ascent and yet these same folks can't help themselves from trying to diminish her. Curious, no?

3. The sudden conversion of pundits / talking heads from laymen to legal experts. Suddenly Rush Limboob, Pat Buchanan, and everyone on Fox News are citing Sotomayor's reversal record like they know what it means. They don't. It's sad. Sometimes it's just better to STFU.


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