Monday, June 08, 2009


Why do Democrats allow Republicans to characterize health care reform / single payer as "allowing the government to come between you and your doctor"? The talking heads repeat this over and over and over like a mantra but it's so absurd that I can't read it without rolling my eyes.

1) Republicans are hardly afeared of government coming between you and your doctor. See: RU46, the "morning after" pill, and almost anything having to do with abortion, even when a woman's health is in jeopardy. See: Assisted suicide and end of life matters. See: Terry Schiavo.

2) You know who else comes between you and your doctor? INSURANCE COMPANIES. My pediatrician, who I love and adore, has -- over the past 20 years -- constantly tried to help me navigate around my insurance company to get the care he thinks is important for my kids. All this fearmongering about "healthcare rationing" by the government just makes me want to claw my ears out... what do people think insurance companies do to ensure their profit?

Are people really this stupid? Apparently the GOP is banking on it.


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