Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beautiful Day

I'm in southwestern Ohio, Cincinnati. It's been a fascinating Sunday.

Next door to me, two young white women got into a bit of an argument with my neighbor. They were Obama canvassers seeking his vote. He's an Italian immigrant and very dear friend and neighbor, but I had to go outside when my dogs started barking and I heard their altercation. The women were very nice, and I've never heard my neighbor sound like this before.

My own dear neighbor yelled at me, "I CANNOT TALK TO YOU!" How bizarre. I gave the young women each a can of Pepsi and thanked them for their courage.

About an hour later, as I was watching my beloved Bengals getting spanked by the Steelers, another woman knocked on my door. A middle-aged African-American woman. Canvassing for McCain. I told her my mind is made up for Obama but wished her luck and thanked her for what she was doing today. She also accepted a can of Pepsi; it's a beautiful, sunny day here in Ohio and she's working hard.

Strange days, indeed. I've lived here on this street for seven years and have never seen anything like this before!


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