Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not Here

The story of the six year old Las Vegas boy abducted by the Mexican mafia in retaliation for his grandfather's double-dealing drug scheme has completely torn at my heart. Thankfully Cole Puffinburger has been released unharmed.

I've heard that involving family members in personal disputes is wide spread in Mexico and Central/South America but it's not generally something that has happened here in the U.S. I have to believe if the news media had not taken this story national, if this story had stayed in obscurity, it might have had a very different ending. But Americans have an unparalleled sense of fair play, and while we may not care so much if drug dealers want to pick each other off, innocents caught in the cross-fire will not be tolerated. Whatever those Mexicans thought they were going to get away with here, they way underestimated the shitstorm they invited when they kidnapped little Cole.

Looks like they figured it out fast... and I bet they won't be trying that again any time soon.


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