Sunday, October 19, 2008


Elitist Republicans come out against the dirty, below-the-belt robocalls coming from McPalin:
Two Republican senators facing reelection battles in states also seeing presidential campaign attention are speaking out against anti-Obama robocalls from John McCain's campaign and the RNC.

Maine Sen. Susan Collins expressed her dispeasure first on Friday.

“They don’t serve John McCain well,” Collins told PolitickerME. “This kind of campaign call does not reflect the kind of leader that he is."

And today Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman's campaign issued a blanket statement condemning negative ads and phone calls.

"I call on Al Franken, the DNC, the RNC, the DSCC, the NRSC and any other organization engaged in negative attacks on any candidate to bring them to an immediate end," Coleman said in the statement.

Asked if this included McCain's campaign, Coleman spokesman Luke Friedrich replied: "The senator is calling on everyone."


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