Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Let's Play Haaahdbaaaah!

I'll give Mr. Haaaaahdbaaaah credit where it's due. Tonight he played a clever little trick on Clintonite Terry McAuliffe.

First, Matthews prompted McAuliffe to rhapsodise passionately about how Florida and Michigan (critical states for Clinton) must - MUST! - be scheduled into the Dem primaries because those voters have a right - A RIGHT! - to vote and, gosh darn it, every vote should be counted in a democracy.

Having established McAuliffe's belief in the sanctity of each and every vote in this democracy, Matthews then slyly asked him if Clinton would bow out of the race if she lost the popular vote or if she'd try to hijack the nomination with the help of the superdelegates. McAuliffe never saw it coming.




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