Wednesday, February 27, 2008


While John McCain will mostly rise above it, I predict the rest of the GOP machine will go into overdrive with variations on the following theme between now and November:
Barack Obama's name is Muslimy sounding and you know what that means.
Points will include:
  • Obama only denounced Farrakhan... he did not reject him.
  • Obama does not sufficiently love Jews (see Farrakhan point above).
  • Obama does not sufficiently love Israel (see Farrakhan point above).
  • Since Obama does not sufficiently love Jews or Israel, he is a racist. Or a fascist. Or a communist. Or a Muslimist. Or some other ist.
  • Obama's middle name is Hussein, like "Saddam Hussein". Get it? Get it????
  • Obama is black but that's ok because the GOP is very enlightened these days. But he does seem a little Muslimish around the nose and eyes, maybe... and the chin. You can definitely see it in the chin.


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