Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Around The Intertubes

Flu blogging!
  • The Democrats are having yet another debate tonight (their 24th?). *yawn *zzzzzz
  • The entire right half of the blogosphere blasted off and went into orbit around Instapundit's head after hearing Obama's Army Captain anecdote the other day. I've read about this in various places but I thought John Cole's post (with bloggy links) was most entertaining. This write-up from David Botti also sets the record straight on a few of the right wing talking points, specifically:
"Carter also pointed out this post on the National Review Online which took issue with the idea that captains were commanding rifle platoons; a job normally reserved for lieutenants. At one point I had a captain commanding my rifle platoon; so, that takes care of that, fact-check. Particularly in the Marine Corps Reserves, where officers must complete a period of active duty service before switching to reserve duty, you find hardly any Lieutenants. The result is that higher ranks are sometimes taking up lower billeted job positions."
  • Speaking of Iraq, this was an interesting find by Sully. I continue to think that those who latch on to the surge results as an indication of victory are seriously deluded. Only by the most extreme goal-post maneuvering will we be declaring victory in Iraq any time soon. On the other hand, that might actually be our smartest exit strategy -- reset the objectives to something easy we've already met and then get the hell out of there before they suck us dry.


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