Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Things I've Been Meaning To Say...

  • The great Democratic MLK controversy of 2008 is absurd. Who is more responsible for the the Civil Rights Act of '64, MLK or LBJ? Chicken, meet egg. LBJ may have used his bully pulpit with the congress but that only worked in combination with MLK's movement, which applied a tremendous pressure for change. Congress might have gotten around to eventually enacting the law, I suppose, but in the end they couldn't ignore the demand of a unified voice. Hmmmm... what a great idea... unified voice... forcing change... where have I heard that?
  • The primary system sucks. What makes Iowa and New Hampshire so damn special? Why should Michigan be "punished" by Dems for wanting some love? Michigan needs some love.
  • Watching Cafferty on CNN. Why are the crusty old white men on TV obsessed with projecting their racial attitudes on the rest of the country? It's bizarre. I wonder if they are at least peripherally aware that when their generation dies off en masse, the world will become a much different place.
  • McCain is looking kind of old and slow but, knowing what his body has been through, I wonder how he's still moving around as much as he does. I've always admired him, our little gang of 14'er. His position on the war (Iraq forever) is wrong but I understand why he sees it that way... he's old school responsible. He's not going to walk away.
  • If Clinton stumbled on those tears by accident, she sure learned how to play 'em up fast.
  • There's a scene in Bridget Jones' Diary where Bridget's brain intercepts her boss's boss's name, Mr Fitzherbert, and translates it to "Mr Tits-pervert" because he has a habit of staring at her breasts. My brain hears Huckabee but, for some reason, immediately translates it to "Huckleberry".
  • Huckabee seems like a really nice guy but he's a nutter. I am strangely amused by him and actually welcome a national race between, oh, any Dem and Huckabee. I'm willing to wager a bet that at least 51% of voters, while perhaps wanting God in their lives, don't necessarily want God running their lives. I'm just saying.


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