Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Unintentional Irony

I love Andrew Sullivan (the first blogger I ever read). His staunch conservatism annoyed me almost daily back in 1998 but his ability to break from the Republican party over the Iraq war (and the fiasco that is Bush) while still insisting on calling himself a conservative has earned my respect. At this point I think he's got one of the flat out most interesting blogs in the sphere.

Sullivan's unintentionally ironic summary of a reader's comments regarding the Clinton/Obama dynamic made me chuckle, though:
Many African-Americans simply do not believe that a black man will ever be allowed to be president. They're sticking with Clinton because she's the strongest non-black Democrat. And so racism perpetuates itself through the fears and alienation of its victims. Call it the audacity of hopelessness. And Clinton needs it.
A tribute to how fast our culture is moving, I guess. Hesitation about voting for a black presidential front-runner is causing them to throw their support behind the strongest non-black Democrat... a woman.

As an aside: I'm still far more inclined to side with Camille Paglia (a woman who grates on every single one of my nerves) on this one... I just don't think the country needs Hillary right now.


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