Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Around The Intertubes Again

  • My curiosity about Republican candidate Ron Paul was piqued when banned any reference to him. Sully has posted Paul's recent Leno appearance here. I have to admit, his popularity (and subsequent demonization by Republican bloggers) is fascinating to me. And timely, given our recent discussion on libertarianism here at Think, Dammit!
  • I can't tell if the overall comparisons are skewed by changes in the poverty criteria (the article doesn't say) but these numbers seem very ungood. High concentrations of poor in any geographic area -- be it within a school district, a city, a state, or country -- usually creates a black hole of despair that is very difficult to undo.
  • WTF? I thought we were winning in Afghanistan. Or maybe we are, I can't tell if the Brits (or NATO) are just being whiny about it. I occasionally forget we're still there... I should look into that more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Cuz,
I too am intrigued by Ron Paul and his stance on many issues. The more I read and hear about him the more I like him. When the Texas primary comes this March, I'll probably vote for him since I'll be voting republican in the primary. Everything is republican down here so if I want to vote on anything revelent localy, I've got to vote republican. LOL It's so bad here that whoever wins the republican primary in March runs unapposed in November... no democratic voice at all.
Lincoln sure is a cutie!! I laughed like hell at your description of your halloween costume til I realized that was exactly what my ex-wife was wearing the last time I saw her. Now I need a drink LOL


3:41 PM, October 31, 2007  
Blogger Logic101 said...

At least now you have all those Mormans hanging around. That should ward off the trailer park women... and all women, really.

Ha ha :-)

6:11 PM, October 31, 2007  
Blogger Logic101 said...

OK, so my previous comment seemed funnier when it was in my head -- I didn't mean to be obnoxious. I'm sure that your ability to shatter the blossoming faith of young missioning Mormans makes you quite a chick magnet.

Hope you enjoyed your drink, tho. :-)

11:13 PM, October 31, 2007  

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