Monday, August 27, 2007

rePUBLICan Restroooms Are So Gay

On the heels of the whole Bob "Big black men forced me to be gay " Allen, another Republican has been caught red... er, handed... trolling for sex with men in a public restroom. Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) is this month's anti-gay gay outing (although the actual incident happened in June).

I feel sad for people who feel compelled to hide who they are at the core, leading lives of self-loathing and desperation within the party of anti-gay hysteria. On the other hand, being gay Republican is just a lifestyle choice. It doesn't have to be like this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Cousin,
I'm not sure what gets me most on this guy.... the fact he likes Gay sex or that this conservitive likes public sex. Guess when your Republican its gotta be " tastes great AND less filling," both or nothing will do. Somebody needs to get this guy a copy of the old 60's song ' Let Your Freak Flag Fly'.
I liked the picture of your boy in his football uniform, tell him I said good luck and make lots of tackles.
And on the Ted Nugent post... the man just needs to shut up and play music. I mean he hasn't put any music out worth a crap since ' Stranglehold' and ' Cat Scratch Fever' so most of his adoring fans must be coming from the geriatric wards. When our Texas govenor won re-election a couple a years ago, his re-election party featured ole Ted doin his thing on stage there too. Then ole Ted was carrying on about if you live in this country you need to speak the original language... ENGLISH!! I guess no one has told Ted yet his white arion nation ass wasn't here first and for that statement to be true Ted needs to learn to speak Cherokee ( O'siyo Ted Dohitsu gohi?) So much for Texas turning purple instead of Red. lol
Love reading your blog couz, talk to ya soon.


6:16 PM, August 30, 2007  
Blogger Logic101 said...


Same as half of what you write, I had to google the 'Freak Flag' reference!

I don't think anyone would have paid any attention to the Craig story at all if the 'Pubbies hadn't cynically bet the future of their party on the whole "family values" facade.

The hypocrisy, it burns!!!!!!!!

I did read kind of an interesting take on Craig the other day, tho... someone wrote about him representing the previous generation of gays who were never really comfortable with their sexuality and often either hid it or accepted the freak title and lived it to the extreme. He goes on to say that younger gays don't see themselves as freaks and want to live a more integrated "normal" life (hence the quest for gay marriage, etc). It was an interesting perspective. I always figured I was born straight as much by chance as it was that I was born in America instead of Ethiopia. Folks sure do have a weird sense of entitlement about those little twists of fate. Perhaps the majority of us should just be thankful that we can respectably troll for sex in bars instead of public restrooms!

Is Ted Nugent totally creepy or is it just that I can't forget the homicidal look on his face on the Cat Scratch Fever album cover?

8:39 PM, August 30, 2007  

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