Sunday, August 26, 2007

Football Mania!

My son's first year of junior tackle begins. After practicing two hours a day, four times a week, for four weeks, the Carlson Huskies had their first game yesterday -- alas, a loss. Grandma, UB1, and UB2 (number one in our hearts) came to cheer for them on what turned out to be a gorgeous, rainless afternoon.

I've been to all but one practice so far and except for quibbling (silently) with the head coach on a few of his choices (doesn't every parent silently quibble?) I have to say it's an extremely well run program and I'm thrilled for Ryan that he seems to be enjoying it so much.

I'll get some better pics once I discover what my daughters have done with my digital camera. The fuzzy shot above came from a cell phone cam.

Gooooooooooo Huskies!


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