Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Fox News is hosting a Democratic debate in Nevada? Yougoddabekiddinme. What in the hell would cause the Democratic party to agree to this? They're contracting to allow that wanking smear & jeer machine to host one of their pre-caucus debates? Jesus H. Christ. Perhaps they'll sign up Rush Limboob to draft the questions. Maybe they can get the O'Lielly producers to rig a 'fair and balanced' post-debate discussion panel with three Republican attack dogs and a hapless token liberal.

Matt Stoller has an excellent post on Daily Kos (that scary bastion of wild-eyed radical liberals) with his take on the situation and info about where to go to voice your dissatisfaction with the decision. I would have thought we'd learned our lesson in 2004, which was the last time we tried to play nice with the wank machine.

It's no secret that Hillary Clinton and Rupert Murdock are BFFs, and I know Hillary is desperate to launch her Republican outreach program as a "moderate", but who's bright idea was this, anyway? Oh, and note to Hillary: Your typical Fox News viewer would happily see you tarred and feathered and dragged through town behind a mule. They would crack Hillary jokes and laugh and laugh and laugh.

So we still want to loves us some Fox News? Courtesy of Stoller's post, try this:


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