Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Around the Intertubes Again

Because there's a lot out there.
  • The WaPo writes about Iran ascending. Ah yes, the problem of unintended consequences. I am reminded of that which constantly keeps me humble when shooting pool: You can strategize the most brilliant run in the history of mankind but you've still got to make the first shot. If you miss it, not only is your brilliant strategy worthless... you may have just handed someone else the game.
  • Big Pharma and the battle of the lobbyists. Although the fact that we've allowed lobbyists and special interests to dictate public policy makes me sick, this is an interesting dilemma. The science that gives us the cervical cancer vaccine is amazing and I'm grateful for it but to make the vaccine mandatory by government decree seems like an overreach. On the other hand, there really are people out there who so abhor the idea of human sexuality existing outside of the teeny tiny box they've allocated for it that they want death to be a punishment for "immorality". It's insane. If I had to choose between governmental overreach and letting the morality clowns win, I know which way I'd go.
  • As an outspoken critic of the Emperor-in-Chief, I wonder if I'm in the database. I know, I know... we all want to think we're special.
  • What a coincidence, Michelle Malkin disgusts me too! I know it's mean to keep picking on the blogosphere's short bus riders, but damn -- she really knows how to pin that bullseye on her ass.
  • Fighting them over there... here... there... whatever. Anyway, while I'm grateful for the work that thwarted this terror attempt, I hope the sheeple are starting to reconcile the inanity of Bush's version of the War on Terra. Terrorism is a method, not an enemy, and war isn't going to stop it. And just when you think you know who to bomb, think again.
  • Yes, yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Brilliantly played - this is how you handle Fox News. Why is it so hard for other Dems to figure this out? I swear to GAWD I want to marry this man and have, like, a million of his babies (don't tell my husband).
  • Oh.My.God. This Youtube wedding day drama is hysterical... and so is the bride.
  • A Daily Kos diarist attends the National Review Institute's 2007 Conservative Summit as a mole and reports back to us. It's everything I hoped it would be. Part 2 is here. I'll update with part 3 when it's done.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LMAO at your last comment about living on a Kibbutz. No, dear cousin, I don't visulize your standing on the street corner screaming at the ongoing traffic with a Karl Marx manifesto in one hand and Milton's "Utopian" 'Paradise Lost' in the other. I can tell you believe in capitolism and are highly educated and informed on the subject. You also believe greatly in gorvernment and I guess thats the part where I get uneasy. For one reason, it seems like everything the government touches they fubar to the extent it becomes unfixable. So asking the government to fix a problem to me is the equilivent of asking a crystal meth head to cut your hair... there is no good outcome. Our founding fathers gave the federal government very limited powers fearing that to much power in the wrong hands would drag us back to the monarachy we had just left. It seems that we the people are all to eager to hand over rights to the federal government thinking that they are going to make our lives simplistic. We already have government meddling in things like right to life, affermative action, where we can and can't smoke, and the new crusade... what we can and can't eat. I swear I'm just waiting for the time when the Orwellian camera and computer voice is in my house telling me that I have reached my quota of free thought for the day. By then you might find ME standing on the street corner screeming at the oncoming traffic " SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE." LMAO And as far as you growing up to geekish because you weren't first in line to grab the magic mushroom, maybe it is a good thing to have one of the Simoneau tribe who didn't lose grey matter at a Grateful Dead concert and still has cohesive thoughts. : )

6:02 PM, January 31, 2007  
Blogger Logic101 said...

Soylent Green is people... nice one! LOL -- you crack me up!

Well, I am for sure not highly educated on any subject... mostly I'm self educated. I do spend an unhealthy amount of time on the internets, probably a side effect of working from home for years... it's a very hermitish life, otherwise.

You and I seem mostly in agreement on our disaffection with the idea of a 'nanny state'. I don't want to live by someone else's idea of "what's good for me". I don't want to be spied on. I don't want to be told what I can read or where I can gather or what I can say.

These days the libertarian-leaning folks are getting pummeled from all sides. Ultra-liberals want to save us from ourselves by legislating seatbelt laws and helmet laws and smoking bans, etc, as you said. Religious conservatives want to legislate morality and control our bodies. And the authoritarian conservatives want to chuck the constitution and consolidate power at the executive level "for our protection".

There IS a role for government to play in the stewardship of our country and its resources. Our environment, our economy, etc. I wish I was smart enough to define the criteria for overreach but, like Potter Stewart said about obscenity, I usually know it when I see it. :-)

I do have to admit, though, that I always laugh a little when people say they don't trust government. I think government is far, far more accountable than Big Business. I know... I'm totally obsessed on this point. *sigh

8:34 PM, January 31, 2007  

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