Saturday, January 27, 2007

Thanks Kirsten, Now I'll Be Singing This All Day

The Emo Video.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LMAO I was web surfing and hit your blog site before taking my shower today and all thru my shower this stupid song was going thru my so head, so thank you so much! What is wrong with kids these days anyway? Thank God I grew up in simpler more conservitive times when us teenagers tried to emulate the more moral and decent icons like Ozzy Ozburn and Alice Cooper and Kiss. Oh yea, and we strived to imperssonate strungout hungover looking hertosexual heros like Mick Jagger, well in the 70's anyway before that whole David Bowie mess in the 80's. On second thought, nevermind. LMAO Thanks for the laugh and a song stuck in my head now.


3:16 PM, January 27, 2007  
Blogger Logic101 said...

Lesseeeeee... here are my child memories of Matthew's simple, conservative youth. Ugly black light posters, yellow (?) mustang, obnoxious music on 8-track tapes, lots'o beer cans, romantic (*cough, cough) evening spent with a certain Miss Jamie Lynn. Oh yeah, and something about a shed burning down. :-)

7:41 PM, January 27, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

guilty on the black light, the mustang was green, I might have a repressed memory on any beer cans lol there might have been a few, if Jamie Lynn was that girl in Rockford that I went out with one evening, that romantic part was dimmed by the FOLK MUSIC bar she drug me too... nothing better for erectile disfunction than an acustic set of Walbash Cannonball, and nothing was ever proven on shed burning. LOL If that " alleged" shed was at the cemetary I, as well as my two cousins Jon and Mike were falsely accused and punished of that until the real perpatrators came forward. I do remember beating the hell outta you and your sister and brother with pillows in the basement of your house though. THE PILLOW GAME was great fun. LMAO

10:43 PM, January 27, 2007  
Blogger Logic101 said...

Ok, the mustang was really a yellowy green, tho, right? My memory is rusty... that had to have been more 30 years ago!

The girl in Rockford was Grace and the bar was Charlotte's Web. Very trendy back in the day, you know. I recall that my mother thought you might rather have someone your own age to play with. Who knew you preferred the pillow game?!!

Jamie Lynn, on the other hand, was the foster care chickie who made the trip with us from Rockford to Herscher. She was a Bad Girl. :-)

3:02 PM, January 28, 2007  

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