Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party Til You Puke

An incoherent, irresponsible load of crap sponsored non-freaking-stop by Faux News. While I found the build up somewhat amusing, the most entertaining aspect was the pathetic national turnout... "thousands"!! Well, that and the continued bizarre fixation on ACORN (that a ginormously powerful media corporation like Rupert Murdock's continues to scapegoat ACORN -- a mostly irrelevant group of poor people who, to summarize, knock on doors for a living -- really freaks me out).

If the turnout had matched even one week's worth of the newly unemployed (~650K) I might have been impressed. If they'd come anywhere close to the number of New Yorkers alone who participated in the 2003 national anti-war protests (~500K), I might have been impressed. But an aggregate number of maybe a hundred thousand (who knows, really, after Neil Cavuto got caught inflating numbers by 300% on the air) is supposed to make us think there's a revolution pending? I don't think so.

After all the hours of hype and news coverage leading up to it, I feel kind of sad for the organizers.

But what the hell... it's America, and protests -- no matter how silly (Code Pink, anyone?) -- are just another part of who we are.


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