Saturday, November 01, 2008


I got home yesterday after spending a week in fake Virginia. Unfortunately, I didn't get to mingle much with the local fake Americans since I was locked up in a data center for 15 hours a day. It was a long and grueling week!!

Speaking of long and grueling... instead of hyperventilating about the eeeeevils of Mickey Mouse appearing on voter rolls across America, maybe folks should be a little more outraged that real live people are being made to stand in line for 8 hours at a stretch just to cast their vote. Look at the photos below from Atlanta. And this is early voting! This scenario will repeat itself all over the country on Tuesday. My husband is an hourly worker... taking a day off to vote would cost him a day's worth of pay. That's a pretty heavy poll tax on working class voters. And that, my friends, is bullshit. It's not as if states have been unaware that this was going to be a big year. I can only guess that some of these states -- including Georgia -- have a certain vested interest in discouraging voter turnout.

This situation makes me particularly ill since I routinely hammer on people to get off their asses and vote, as is their civic duty in a democracy. As it turns out, this year it's not voters who are abdicating their responsibility to the country... it's the country who is in danger of abdicating their responsibility to voters.

To the faux outraged among us: This is what real voter fraud looks like.


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