Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fox News Sunday

I'm watching Fox News Sunday, where Bill Kristol is making the argument that McPalin should let Sarah Palin be the closer for the last 10 days of the election. I'm all for it... put her out there! The more they send Sarah Palin out to excite the fundie base, the more she will turn off the indies. She's not a uniter... she's just another divider. Preaching to the choir is not what leadership is all about and she proves me right every time she opens her mouth.

BTW, it's no surprise that Kristol is so rabid about Palin... he's the one who discovered her while on one of those Weekly Standard cruise events. They stopped at Alaska, Gov Palin met the ship, they hung out for a day, and Kristol identified her as the next empty vessel to front the neocon movement. He's been the powerful force behind her ascent. Just for fun, think for a moment how well it worked out for America the last time an empty vessel was tapped to front the neocon movement.


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