Monday, November 03, 2008

Funny HaHa

So... I cruised over to do my daily Faux News headline scan to see what the GOP talking points are for the day and I see the infamous Obama coal headline about "a newly surfaced tape" that the San Francisco Chronicle has been allegedly sitting on.

Zoh My Gawd, a newly surfaced tape! A Grand Liberal Media Conspiracy to HIDE the TRUTH!! Thank goodness Faux News has uncovered the scheme!

So I follow the Faux News link that says "Obama's Interview with the San Francisco Chronicle" and lo and behold, it takes me directly to the San Francisco Chronicle website where they had posted the damn interview with Obama on 1/18/2008, the day after it was recorded. It's still there, cleverly hidden in plain view of anyone who might want to read it, Google it, reference it, link to it, etc.

I swear to gawd, if these people did not exist we would have to make them up.


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