Monday, September 15, 2008


Finally Obama ties the current financial crisis to GOP philosophy.

I'm sure he wasn't comfortable doing that since he's a policy wonk who seems to avoid oversimplification, and this is a VERY complex, nuanced thing, but it is still, on the whole, true. Anyway, this is what the Republicans are so effective about doing-- just throwing shit out there to put their opponents on the defensive, burn up news cycles, and create a visceral impression with voters.

Lesson I hope he's learned: stay on the offensive, not the defensive.

What else is he supposed to do, just sit around all day responding to blatant lies about having "dropped 30 lawyers" on Alaska to smear the delicate Palin or having encouraged kindergartners to have sex?

Personally, I would have thrown a little Keating 5 in for good measure.


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