Monday, September 15, 2008

The Queen Of Earmarks

Q: When is an earmark not an earmark? A: When it's a project! Hahahahaha!

Finally the Wall Street Journal acknowledges what the rest of us have known for a long time... Sarah Palin loves earmarks just like everyone else. Actually, what it says is that she is a liar who has been trying to accept credit for something she never did... but whatevs.
It is difficult to compare Sen. Obama's earmark record with Gov. Palin's -- their states differ in size, for instance, and the two candidates play different roles in the process. But using the same calculation that the McCain campaign uses, the total amount of earmarked dollars divided by the number of working days while each held office (assuming a five-day workweek, every week, for both), Gov. Palin sought $980,000 per workday, compared with roughly $893,000 for Sen. Obama.
No, WSJ, it's not hard to compare them, not even with bad math skills and not even at 7:00 in the morning. Let's just take it a little further... $980,000 / the population of Alaska @670,000 = $1.46 per person, per day for Alaska. $893,000 / the population of Illinois @12,831,970 = $.07 per person, per day for Illinois. In fact, as an Illinois resident I'm suddenly feeling a little screwed by Obama!

Clearly Palin is the earmark Queen of the Universe (where do you suppose that 80% approval rating came from, eh?) so that must mean that Obama is a bad person who wants kindergartners to have sex.


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