Monday, September 08, 2008


I haven't commented too much on this one although the story sounds pretty damning. The reason I haven't commented is because this Wooten guy sounds like a total waste of human DNA. Tasering a kid (whether they were both playing around or not) is beyond stupid... it's dangerous. I wouldn't want to defend him in any way.

But Wooten's "alleged" actions are only part of the story. The rest involves 1) Palin's alleged abuse of power in firing Monegan for not firing Wooten, 2) the fact that Palin got caught lying about having had her staff hassle Monegan to fire Wooten prior to her firing Monegan, and 3) the fact that she is now trying to obstruct an investigation into the matter.

I understand that passions can run high in a family feud. I can even sympathize with Palin's emotions here. But we as citizens have a right to expect that the power we entrust to our government will not be abused by them. It's called having respect for the power of the office they hold. It's called judgement.

The obstruction into the investigation is sounding very Cheney-esque to me. Makes me wonder what she might be tempted to do with the power of the presidency.


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