Saturday, September 06, 2008

Lies, Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies...

Another little "exaggeration" meant to endear Ms Mooseburgers to her adoring fans. I'm sure it will become another myth that takes root, like how she said "Thanks, but no thanks" to the Bridge to Nowhere she supported before reshuffling the money to other pet projects when the bridge became a political hot potato. She's such a spunky little maverick!!

From the WaPo:
"You know what I enjoyed the most? She took the luxury jet that was acquired by her predecessor, and sold it on eBay -- and made a profit!" McCain declared in Wisconsin at a campaign stop Friday.
Ummm... yeah.

In fact, the jet did not sell on eBay. It was sold to a businessman from Valdez named Larry Reynolds, who paid $2.1 million for the plane -- shy of the $2.7 million purchase price -- according to news reports at the time. Reynolds contributed to Palin's campaign in 2006.

What happened? It appears that, as she promised during her bid for governor, Palin did try to sell the plane on eBay, but there was only one serious bid, in December of 2006, and it fell through. The Westwind II was sold about eight months later, achieving her goal of ridding the state of a luxury item.


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