Saturday, September 06, 2008


Two funnies from the GOP convention which have nothing to do with substance or issues and yet somehow manage to capture the spirit of shallowness and incompetence that signifies today's Republican party.

1. Walter Reed Middle School Vs Walter Reed Army Medical Center. When I was watching McCain's convention speech I couldn't help but wonder what the giant building was that they flashed onscreen. Was it one of McCain's mansions? I had no idea. Turns out it was supposed to be Walter Reed Army Medical Center but the McCain camp, apparently still trying to figure out that Google thingee, grabbed an image of Walter Reed Middle School instead. The actual Walter Reed building they were looking for is in the second photo.

2. Stock photo Republicans. Apparently the GOP convention organizers were either unable to find any actual black Republicans for their big-screen photo montage or else the ones they found were too uppity to pose for the camera. Thank God for stock photos, which can be purchased for a couple of dollars each. Don't these folks look articulate?


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