Thursday, September 04, 2008

How Low Can We Go

All we've heard out of the GOP Convention so far is sarcasm, cynicism, exaggerations, lies, and attacks on Obama. Tonight they're throwing in a little partisan 9/11 nostalgia for balance. Apparently the "party of ideas" doesn't have any.

Seriously... anybody find anything missing here? Like oh, I don't know... substance? Policy? Plans? Nothing.... zip, zero, zilch... from any of them!

So why is it that people keep throwing the "lofty speech" criticism at Obama when he's the only one actually providing any details?

I used to have respect for McCain... now all I see when he's on the stage is a disgusting, lying scumbag. Right at this moment he's lying about being above the partisan fray when his campaign has done nothing but lie and make disgusting smears all week (snearing at community organizers... really? Really?). I understand that Obama is truly trying to walk the walk with this integrity thing but I wish he'd just fucking let it fly... these people desperately need a vicious smackdown. New politics, my ass.

But more than anything I am sick of delusional fucking idiots who buy into this shit. That's right people... fall for it again, fall for the same empty manipulative sham you fell for with Bush-Cheney... let's guarantee we get more of the same. By all means, fall for the 9/11 line, fall for the easy lies. Within 3 days you've embraced -- as a symbolic hero, no less -- a person you know virtually nothing about!! Go ahead, believe it when they tell you her meager experience with the Alasaka National Guard and proximity to Russia make her qualified to be a heartbeat away from the oval office. Believe it when they tell you that Ms Mooseburgers is more qualified to be president than Obama despite ample evidence that she's a bit of a hack. Fall for McCain's ancient "tax and spend Democrat" rhetoric. Fall for the most blatantly manipulative misdirection of all time with the ridiculous "elitist" accusation. I guess anyone who'd fall for the convenient theory of "trickle down economics" is capable of falling for anything. Just keep falling, people. I'm sure we'll hit the bottom eventually. Then we can all sit around and get misty eyed remembering how great we used to be, in true Republican fashion.

Do I sound angry? I am.


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