Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Palin As Reformer?

I was thinking I needed to try to consolidate the growing list of items that don't support the "reformer" picture the GOP is trying to paint of Palin but John Cole beat me to it:

What exactly has Sarah Palin reformed?

I know that all I do is snark here, so work with me, as I am serious. I keep hearing she is some crazy reformer, when so far, the facts look pretty clear to me.

1.) She lied about canning the bridge to nowhere, and instead of canning it, used the money on other projects (but still built the road to the bridge). It saved the American taxpayers not one penny.

2.) She hired a lobbying firm to funnel earmarks to Alaska, sending millions to her former constituents at Wasilla.

3.) She ran a PAC for the indicted Ted Stevens.

4.) She is embroiled in an abuse of power scandal, in which it is alleged that she fired someone for not firing a trooper who used to be an inlaw, and then replaced that person with a high school buddy. She has recently lawyered up when it became clear she was lying.

5.) She was a member of a fringe secessionist political party who have what many would consider to be pretty bizarre views.

With the growing body of information that's becoming available regarding Palin it seems as if the only glowing Republican credential she has is that she's pro-life. Consistently and admirably pro-life, I might add. But regarding her status as a fiscal and ethics "reformer"... it just doesn't add up.

(Does this make me a misogynist?)


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