Wednesday, September 17, 2008


UPDATE: Wow... the Gawker website has actually posted some of the personal stuff, not just the work stuff, including contact information (I refuse to link to it). That's pretty damn serious... there's no need for that shit. Public people are allowed to have a private life just like everyone else. Maybe someone should post Gawker's private information.


Wired is reporting that hackers got access to mail from Sarah Palin's private Yahoo mail account and posted some of it online at The wikileaks website must be getting hammered because I can't seem to get to it.

This story would only be outrageous instead of scary if Palin wasn't using private email accounts to conduct public business. Besides the fact that it's unethical to evade governmental rules regarding public records, Yahoo mail is about as secure as the shed in my backyard. D'oh!

I would never condone hacking but I'm having a hard time mustering much sympathy for her.


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