Sunday, September 07, 2008

Convenient Sheeple

Steve Schmidt is McCain's senior campaign advisor. Interesting article in the IHT here.

I can save you the time it takes to read the article by paraphrasing: The American people (and the traditional media) are idiots who can be easily manipulated through the use of subterfuge, obfuscation, and blatant in-your-face lying... all of which make Steve Schmidt a political genius.

Key grafs from the article:

Schmidt gave the war room a more central place in McCain's campaign, streamlining its decision making so only a few key aides decide what is worthy of response and, more important in Schmidt's view, what presents an opportunity to attack Obama as elite, out of touch and lacking substance. Junior aides work shifts across 24 hours, scouring news outlets for tidbits with the potential to embarrass Obama through circulation to bloggers, the Drudge Report, cable news and newspapers.

"Folks are playing closer attention, there's more focus, the arguments are more precise, they cut more cleanly," said Danny Diaz, communications director of the Republican National Committee, adding that Davis and other staff members deserved credit as part of what several aides called a more cohesive team.

At the Democratic convention last month, a team of McCain and Republican Party operatives dispatched by Schmidt huddled in a Denver war room sprung into action when they found what they considered a gem: a photograph of Obama's stage set at Invesco Field that they thought looked like a Roman or Athenian ruin.

The room exploded with a whoop of "boo-yah," and instantly went to work, pressing the perception to receptive reporters and producing heavy coverage throughout the Web, newspapers and cable news.

By the way, the article doesn't bother to mention that the stage set in question was not a Roman ruin. Not that it matters since the seed of mockery spread like wildfire amongst the kind of sheeple who no doubt did not bother to watch Obama's nomination speech to find out the truth.


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